PREVENTION: Why You Definitely Want To Keep Your Kidneys Happy—And 4 Easy Ways To Do It

These days there's no shortage of chatter about exercises for heart health, cancer-fighting foods, and recipes for keeping blood sugar in check. But there's less talk about the kidneys, the twin organs that many doctors have deemed the unsung heroes of the human body. 


HEALTHLINE: I Have a High-Tone Pelvis and, No, It’s Not a Good Thing

My hands were gripping the sides of the table as I lay on my back, knees bent. I was sweating profusely as the nerves in my pelvis sent angry shocks of pain toward my abdomen. The parchment paper underneath me started to stick to the small of my back.


TONIC: 5 Women Explain Why They Chose Not to Breastfeed

I so badly wanted to be that, “Afro, Mother Earth, breastfeeding in public" mom, you know? Just knowing that our bodies produce milk that is especially curated for our child's DNA was—and is—amazing to me. [But] It was so painful—I asked them to double check that she wasn't born with teeth.


ROMPER: The Kickass Women Who Breastfeed In The Military, And Those Who Support Them

When she was able to pump, Roche-Paull says she had to do so in a bathroom or a dirty supply closet that didn’t lock. “I worked around hazardous materials like jet fuel and no one could tell me if it was safe for my pumped milk that I was feeding my baby,” she says. “There were no books on this subject, and no one to talk to about the questions and struggles I was facing.”


Why is it that it’s so simple to express your craving for double chocolate gelato, but when it comes to being vocal about sex, you feel a little uneasy? The truth is, it can be tough to tell your partner that you’re not exactly feeling it when the two of you are between the sheets.
— How Do I Tell My Significant Other I'm Not Satisfied? (Romper, October 2017)