ROMPER: If Teal Pumpkins Make You Angry, I Don't Know How To Help You

Oh, Judi, let me tell you something: No one is required to put a teal pumpkin on their porch. They choose to do so because they want to put a smile on a kid’s face. It’s called community or, better yet, humanity. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.


ROMPER: What Do You Do If Your Child Says They're Fat? Start With These Questions

“I’m so fat.” It’s a statement many women have uttered at one point or another in their lives — myself included. The all too common phrase might come after catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, or simply used as a filler for any emotion that feels like dissatisfaction. A negative body image can definitely take its toll on your personal perspective, but what do you do if your child says they're fat? 


ROMPER: Tamera Mowry-Housley Is Over The Mom Comparison Trap & Her Argument Is Flawless

As a parent to a 2-year-old, I am beginning to teach my daughter about consent. For instance, my husband and I don’t force her to give hugs when she appears uncomfortable and we have begun to discuss how to explain that her private parts are just that — private.


REDBOOK: Stop Telling My Son He Can't Wear Girls' Clothes

Maybe Oscar will decide pink is his favorite color. Maybe he'll wear an all-pink ensemble while digging in the dirt. Maybe one day he'll see a dress he wants to wear because he likes the way it sparkles. No matter the situation, I'll tell him, "By all means, baby, go for it." I don't want Oscar to be defined by the shirt on his back or the baby doll tucked under his arm at night.

It slipped from my mouth before I even had time to assess the situation — my 2-year-old daughter sitting nearby. Like everything I say and do, Claire repeated the curse word. She hasn’t said it again since, but it was yet another reminder to be mindful. But what about praise?
— Is It OK To Tell Your Kid They're "Good"? (Romper, September 2017)