The Cut: Rebuilding a Sex Life Destroyed by Postpartum Depression

"It was difficult to reconcile that Dan with the man who had been my lover. And the idea that he could see this new me as sexy felt equally out of the question. Physical closeness now meant him resting his hand on my chest to soothe the feeling of dread balled up in there, or climbing into the shower to hold me while I sobbed.”

GROK NATION: I had PPD and the ‘Tully’ twist didn’t bother me

“There is a deep want for a struggling mother to cling to someone or something. It’s not a far-fetched idea she might search for an anchor in unlikely places, even if it is within the confines of her own mind.”

DAME: Working Mothers Are The Backbone Of The U.S. Economy

“We are mesmerized by the concept of family values … the so-called problem is that nobody thought about the fact that women are not necessarily the ones who have to take care of children all the time. In other words: America is ill-prepared for the present-day working mother.”